To book a stay, CALL or TXT:  (403) 397-8597 to check availability and
to find out who else will be camping during your dog’s visit.

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 • Payment is required at time of booking and can be made by credit card or through email money transfer

• A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on ALL bookings.

On the first visit to Barks and Recreation Dog Kennel, plan on spending a few minutes completing your pet's permanent history record for our files. To ensure a spectacular stay we will need:

• Your dog's medical history
• Full contact information/emergency contacts
•  Names of persons authorized for pick up
• Any unique habits, likes and dislikes
• A list of labeled items you've brought along for your pet's stay

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Once the initial excitement of being home has worn off, your dog may need some extra rest for a day as they have been very busy - physically and socially during their stay at Barks and Recreation Kennel.