Thank you so much for taking such good care of Odin! I had to find a kennel quickly as we had to travel to S.A on short notice. Odin has never been to a kennel so I was nervous what his reaction would be. I was reassured right away and Sue posted lots of pictures and videos and even sent me several messages in South-Africa to keep me updated. Because of lots of excercise, she asked permission to feed Odin more and purchased more of his EPI powder when his supply was low because of the increase in food. Thank you for taking the initiative to do that. Odin will most definitely visit again, he had such a good time and was really helped to overcome his nervousness with other dogs! Thank you!!

   { Anne-Marie }

Daisy & Kane

Just wanted to put a big shout out to Barks & Recreation Dog Kennel. My two Boxers are my life. I'm not big on kennels at all. Went out to visit Auntie Sue at her doggy 5* hotel and spa. I was there for like two hours. I asked every question, which was answered and was taken on the grand tour. It was a great feeling . Kane and Daisy have stayed over night and also we have taken advantage of just the doggy day care program. Just a day for them to get away and run and play. My Daisy loves her play ground, Kane on the other hand is what we call a big sucky baby and a Mommy's boy so doesn't like to be any where but home. After two trips Auntie Sue has won him over. That makes my heart happy ! Give Sue a call and check out her Kennel, ask every question you can think of that will put your mind at ease. You and your fur babies will not be disappointed.

{ Brenda }


I cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind you give us. We know Jessie are loved and cared for and I know she will have an amazing time! We love the pictures you put up of her!! Dog vacation! Your kennel are just so unique! Thanks!

{ Carien }

We started bringing our dogs out here two years ago. We did a one night trial before a two week vacation. Our 5 year old Yorkie & 8 year old Schnoodle are in doggie heaven. They get so much supervised play time with other well suited campers. They come home tired from all the play. I feel confident that my babies will get lots of care and attention from Sue & Brandi. Their indoor sleeping pen is always clean as the dogs are outside several times a day. Dogs are never expected to go to the bathroom in their pen. This is truly a stay-cation for your dogs.

{ Carol }


This is the only place we will take our dog Yuri. We looked at a lot of other kennels in the city that could manage Yuri and his needs with no luck. Some didn't even reply to our inquiries.

Yuri is a deaf rescue dog who doesn't get along well with other dogs and suffers allergies which require a lot of specialty meds.

Then we contacted Sue and she has been fantastic with Yuri. Her and Brandy have done so well looking after him. He loves going to "Aunty Sue's." Since we started taking him to Sue's, we've seen an improvement in his temperament towards other dogs and his demeanor in general. Thank you Sue and Brandy!! You're the best!!

{ Brad }

My dogs have been going to Sue’s for a while now and they absolutely love it! I have four dogs and Sue has looked after all of them. I hesitate to call it a kennel because of the image that conjures in my mind. I prefer to refer to Sue’s place as sheer heaven for dogs!!! I’ve always been hesitant to kennel my dogs but since meeting Sue, I send them whenever the opportunity arises. Two of my dogs are seniors and when they come back from Sue’s, they are spunky, happy and extremely well cared for. The younger ones get all the exercise they could possibly want…and more! The dogs run, they play, they sleep, they eat, but most importantly, they are LOVED! Even the beds that Sue provides are raised off the floor so that they don’t get cold when they sleep. Having the pick up/drop off service is such a tremendous benefit. It takes all the pressure away from driving the dogs somewhere the night before a vacation. Sue doesn’t push the dogs to do anything they are not comfortable with. The first time she took them, it took about 20 minutes to get them all in the van because she wanted them to go in when they were ready and not feel pushed!!!

I can’t say enough about Barks and Recreation. If you truly love your dog, you’ll send them for a visit – every dog deserves this amazing experience at least once!

{ Dawn }


Sue has been welcoming my boys into her Barks and Recreation facility for the last 7 years, initially at her day boarding facility and now her overnight boarding facility. She started with my big dog Max who is a Border Collie/Rottie mix. And then when we added Dobby, a Chihuahua, she happily welcomed him as well. It’s always such a sense of comfort knowing that when we travel out of town, Max and Dobby are so well cared for by Sue. When she comes to our home to pick up the boys they are so excited they can hardly contain themselves! And then at drop off time they are completely content and exhausted from all the play time they enjoy while with Sue. The pick-up and drop-off that she offers is so great and convenient as it’s one less thing that has to be done before our travels. Sue is always reliable and has such a love for dogs it is very evident in how she runs her facility. I do and continue to enthusiastically recommend Barks and Recreation to anyone looking for a high quality facility to board your pet while you are travelling!

{ Heidi }


I started sending my dog Meta to Sue's Kennel about a year ago. Meta is a regular and he loves going there. He gets very excited every time Sue picks him up, he runs to her van and waits for her impatiently to drive him there.

When Meta is at Sue's Kennel, there is no doubt in my mind that he is very well taken care of, safe, having lots of fun land getting good exercise.

{ Nora }