About Us

Barks and Recreation Dog Kennel is owned and operated by Sue Leitl and her large four-legged family.

From an early age, Sue understood that her life was most joyful when surrounded by, and caring for, dogs. She has dedicated her life to understanding the ways in which dogs play, interact and live.

Sue always knew she wanted a career working with dogs but, as she states, "there were very few established ways for me to work with dogs back then - so I invented a way." She opened a dog walking business in 1999, when dog walkers were not as common as they are today.

Sue walked dogs for six years before opening Barks and Recreation dog daycare. Fast-forward another six years and Barks and Recreation expanded into an overnight boarding kennel. She and her own diverse dog pack are an integral part of everyday life at Barks and Recreation Dog Kennel. They help provide the stable environment that enhances every dog's visit. And life just keeps getting better! Come play with us!

Barks & Recreation is not your typical boarding kennel. Although outdoor exercise is a large component of what we offer, we also activate their brains - working with the dogs, socializing and addressing individual needs. We get to know each of our guests and ensure that their specific needs are met.

We are a positive based kennel - using treats (or what works for the individual) to motivate them, creating a low stress experience for each dog. Your dog(s) will interact with each of our 3 camp leaders which contributes to their comfort and feeling of familiarity.

At barks & Recreation, we are not breed biased. We take in all breeds based on each individual dog.