Our Kennel

Owner Sue Leitl believes your family dog deserves the best and goes beyond the customary to provide a fun-filled, comfortable stay.

Inside Barks Kennel 1


Sue and her stable pack of dogs consider the “pack” approach - where your dogs socialize and play together - creates a healthy and happy environment.

Your tail-waggers will enjoy most of their day playing (including off-leash outdoor areas) with the odd nap when needed. Rest assured, your family dog will be comfortably played out by end of day.

Each individual kennel is 6 ft high and 10 ft long and 4, 5, 6 ft wide depending upon the size of your dog. Each suite comes with off-the-ground sleeping cots but personal blankets and beds are welcome. Our facility is heated during the winter months and cooled during warmer months.

Our kennel is designed to work with each dog's exercise needs and personalities. The outdoor exercise area is a very large securely fenced area that allows the dogs to busrn off that excess energy and play with other dogs - running, sniffing and on those warm summer days, colling down in our doggie wading pools. We offer pack play and or private play depending on your dog's social needs, and we even have dedicated digging holes to satisfy your 4 legged excavator. This all happens in our natural country setting; fields instead of pavement.

Barks and Recreation Dog Kennel houses a maximum of 20 dogs to ensure each boarder gets the individual attention they deserve.