After many failed attempts we finally found people we can trust with our dog Kaiser. It took a long time for us to be comfortable leaving our dog somewhere overnight. We are grateful for the time they take to update Facebook so we can keep up with our dog online while we are away from him. Sue and Brandy make it obvious every visit how much they care, love and know about dog. We are so thankful that Barks and Recreation is part of our community.

{ Coll }

"There's no place like home" for Bella..... except at "Barks and Recreation"

Sue and her crew treat Bella like she's theirs and I know she is well looked after, walked and played with, every day!

We are so happy to have found Sue and the small amount of dogs she cares for makes this place like no other

{ Alison }

I just can't say enough good things about this facility. It doesn't have some of the extravagant themed decor that bigger facilities might have, but dogs don't care about those human touches anyways. Through a dog's eyes, I really appreciate the HUGE kennel the dogs stay in, and of course most of all Jasper is all about the huge run/play area. She really needs to run and stretch her legs, and your huge fenced in dog park play area is perfect and amazing. I love how much you get to know the dogs you care for, all of their individual needs and quirks. I posted a reaction of Jasper when she hears your vizsla's name, which I think is the biggest testimony of all!

{ Shasta }

We take our two little Chi mixes to see auntie Sue whenever we're away and they absolutely love it! It's the only place I feel comfortable leaving my little guys. They are always well cared for and have so much exercise. We love Sue and Brandy at Barks & Recreation!

{ Karen }

Sue is amazing, she always checks in keeps me up to date on Sawyer's days, and tailors care to him specifically. She is always a great resource if I ever have any questions, and is one of only three people I trust with our high energy, sneaky, feisty Labrador!! Sawyer has benefited greatly from the socialization he receives when he has sleep overs at Auntie Sue's and sprints for the kennel when I drop him off. I would recommend Barks & Rec to anyone looking for a safe, and clean establishment to kennel their dog!!

{ Cassidy }

I highly recommend Barks & Recreation Dog Kennel. I've know Sue for almost 20 years, and can vouch 100% for her competence & for her love of dogs. I've had my Bulldog at her kennel 4 time now and know he's as cared for there as he is at home. It's the only kennel I will ever take him to, even though it's a bit of a drive for me it's totally worth it!

   { Dave }

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